Then snowboards back down.

After heading down the takakkaw falls road for about 5Km we leave the road and start heading up.



The objective for the day is the peak on the right.



There are three other people in this pic… somewhere.



Things get a little steeper as we continue to climb.



Trans Canada Highway in the distance.


Just keeps going up.








Same summit but in the summer.



Town of Field.



Same shot but in the summer.



Emerald lake… not so emerald in the winter.



Same shot but in the summer.



My new weapon of choice for a speedy descent. Its almost 5000 feet of vertical back to the parking lot 🙂



Looking back at our descent tracks.



Looking back at the route down, starting from the peak in the center.



I didn’t take this pic but stole it from Simon because it’s the only one of me riding I could find.





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