A fun snowshoe in Kananaskis with a sled descent.

Now that it seems the secret is out, I don’t mind telling you Blueberry hill is one of my favorite snowshoes. This is the start, on the right, It gets better I promise!


The trail meets up with a cross country ski trail and follows it for a while, which is boring, but I promise it gets better!


The trail then follows a power line up a hill but it gets better, seriously!


Finally, the trail turns off into the forest and things improve dramatically.


This is a winter only trail so it changes every year depending on who cuts the first trail after the first snow fall.


I once offered Zane Davies $20 to ride a sled off this cliff. He thought about it for much longer than a sane person should have.


The views start to open up a bit.


View from the top.


Cheers nature.


B-ri and I went up the small peak in the foreground last summer.


Traditional Summit Selfie!



Some weather starts rolling in from the west. I decide it is time to make my departure.


The picture doesn’t show it, but the descent is steep enough to sled. I regret not bringing my sled this time.

A video from the time I did: 



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