Mount Cory as seen from the sunshine turn off.
The views start to open up quickly as you make the ascent. This picture was taken around 8am.
After climbing up the first hump the ridge to the summit presents itself.
Nearing the summit as I head up the ridge.
Closer look at the typical terrain along the ridge.
Summit Selfie (or at least close to the summit selfie).
A look over at Mount Edith and the three summits. You can also make out the Edith Cory pass trail:
A look toward lake Louise with the #1 and 1a highways. Why not go for a bike ride down the 1A:
Mount Bourgeau.
Looking back toward Banff. The ascent ridge can be seen in the foreground.
Mount Louis and the valley or the gargoyles.
A look back at the South Summit from the North Summit.
Very rough route I took. Red was up, Blue was down. This is not the route the books describe so follow at your own risk.


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