An increasingly popular scramble with great views.

Grizzly peak as seen from the highway. The Kane book says 4-6 hours round trip but if you move quickly 1 hour to the top is possible and about 45min back down.
The trail wraps around the right-hand side of the mountain, then up the backside. The trail can be seen on the left side of the picture crossing the slope.
The trail heading around the back side of the mountain. With a couple exceptions, this trail is mostly just a hike. Mount Evan-Thomas steals the show. 2021 Update: This trail is now much more defined as the popularity of this mountain has increased over the years.
You can simply walk up the grassy slopes to the col or stick to the rocky outcrops for a bit more interesting route.
The grass turns to a rocky slope as you approach the col.
From the col, you get a good view of Evan-Thomas. It is tempting to follow the ridge from here up Evan-Thomas, but I believe the scramble route is further to the right.
The front face of Grizzly peak is pretty shear and a long way down.
From the col it is a left-hand turn and a quick trip to the summit. The views are very good considering the minimal effort required compared to surrounding peaks.
View toward the Kananaskis lakes.
View across the valley toward Little Lawson.
Once the traditional summit selfie is taken, it is time to head back down following the same route.


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