Classic ascent near Canmore. Watch out for loose rubble on the narrow-exposed ridge.

Quick Stats

  • Distance: ~10km
  • Height Gain: ~1150m
  • Round Trip Time: Not recorded
  • Kane Ratting: Moderate
  • Resources: Scrambles in the Canadian Rockies
A look up at Lawrence Grassi. You can start from the Ha-ling parking lot or the bridge near goat pond. Having done both, I’d recommend the start from Goat Pond. The route simply follows the ridge seen in the right-hand side of the photo. Note this picture was taking from the Ha-ling approach side.
The trail along the cannel is just over 2Km so bringing a bike for this mostly flat section would really speed the trip up. The turn off to head up Lawrence Grassi is marked with both a cairn and flagging on a nearby tree.
As you emerge from the trees you can see the route ahead. Follow the ridge on the left leading up to the summit near the center of the photo. The true summit is on the left.
On the way up I found a rock with a round hole in it. I decide to take an artistic photo. I bet nobody has ever thought to do this before!
Looking up the ridge toward the summit. The ridge narrows a bit further up.
A look up the narrower part of the ridge. There is loose rubble over slabs of rock which can make for a sporting experience. Be sure of your footing.
Looking back down the ascent ridge. Geo can be seen making his way up the last little section.
Action shot! Geo is excited to almost be at the top. That and he almost always runs up the last little bit to the summit.
And on the summit! It was raining a little bit and not very warm. But Geo is thrilled to be up here!
Before the times of the traditional summit selfie. The white thing on my finger is falling snow. The rain has turned to snow now.
On the second summit, which is a tiny bit lower than the true summit.
The views from the summit are excellent. Unfortunately, the clouds and rain were starting to move in obscuring the view.
A closer look at Goat Mountain.
It was around this time when the static charge on the mountain top started to build. If I passed the camera to Geo, he would get a big static zap when he touched it. We both knew this meant it was time to get out of there very fast. The return trip is the reverse of the ascent. Of course, as soon as we reached the safety of the bottom, the clouds moved away, and it was a beautiful sunny day.


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