A Canadian Rockies Classic

Note: Although temple is a very popular ascent and the scramble route is called the “tourist route” it is still not to be taken lightly. Over 8 people have died on this route!

The scramble route up temple starts by taking the Sentinel pass trail (which you can see here). Typically, there is a rule that your must have at least a party of 4 to hike this trail. It is so incredibly busy this shouldn’t be a problem at all!
Looking back up at the scramble route that trends left to right.
The views on the way up are spectacular.
I didn’t take to many pictures on the way up so….. traditional Summit Selfie!
Top of Mount Temple, 11,600 feet.
The view from up here is pretty good. Looking down into Paradise Valley.
Looking down on Consolation Valley.
Looking down at Moraine Lake, I’m sure the parking lot is full by now. To see it empty, click here: https://www.tripbagger.com/2020/05/31/shawn-bags-castle-junction-to-moraine-lake-bike-banff-national-park/
The views up here are just unbelievable.
Found this in the summit register. The first black guy to summit temple he claims.
Wonder if somebody took off from here (which would be illegal… but awesome!)
One Last look at the view before heading back down.
A look back up a temple from Lake Louise.


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