The turnoff from the highway in the middle of the picture is the entrance to Skadarsko National Park. As with most things in Montenegro, there were no obvious signs or indications you were in the right place.
After driving for some time we came to a fork in the road. Fortunately somebody had put up this sign. Unfortunately, it had the exact same thing written for both directions.
Luckily, our car came with step by step navigational instructions powered by a satellite… Engineer.
We drove across this bridge, they sure don’t build em like the used to.
Montenegro road safety precautions:
– Steep drop held up by old stone wall – check
– Knocked over guard rail – check
– Narrow road too small for two cars – check
– Stupid tourists blocking the road to take a picture for Facebook – check
On the right you can see two cars trying to work out how to pass each other, eventually we got pretty skilled at this.
This seems like a nice hotel to stay the night at.
My mistake.
This is Pavlova Strana viewpoint. It is amazing that you can visit a place like this and nobody else is there.
In the background is Rijeka Crnokevica. Beyond that is Skadar Lake, the largest freshwater lake in the Balkans.
In the summer the lake is about 370 square KM. In the winter, it fills up to over 500 square KM.
Although most of the lake is in Montenegro, about 1/3 is in Albania The lake is also named after the Albanian town of Shkrodra.


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