Fortress ridge is a 34km long bike / hike with a solid 1300m of altitude to gain.
In order to get to Fortress ridge, you ride through the old Fortress Ski hill. Which undoubtedly was the greatest ski hill ever!
The mountain in the background is named the Fortress, because it looks like one. I climbed it some time ago.
Recently, the fortress area has become popular as a TV and movie filming location.
Watch the trailer for the Revenant, it was filmed at Fortress. Recognize the background?
The winter scenes in the movie Inception were filmed here also. Look familiar?
He seems suspicious, but it’s all true.
Also filmed here was The Bourne Legacy, Van Helsing, Brokeback Mountain (which Darb only watched for the scenery) and so on….
On the summit of Fortress ridge.
Found some plastic chairs to hang out in at the top of the chairlift. What Luxury!
The start of a very fast ride back out.
On the way out we passed the backside chairlift; that brings back memories. I spent countless hours at Fortress ski hill.
For those of you that remember skiing or snowboarding at Fortress, remember farside?
On the way back out on the closed access road. If you ever spent time at Fortress ski hill and are wondering about the old ski lodge at Fortress, hang tight, I have another album for that.
Fortunately, we were back in the car when we came across this guy.


Shawn Bags the Fortress Mountain Road Gravel Bike Ride – Kananaskis – Trip Bagger · October 10, 2021 at 7:04 pm

[…] ski hill. To learn more about the old Fortress ski hill check out my previous series on it here: The old Canadian double chair. The current leaseholders for Fortress have plans to not only […]

Shawn Bags The Fortress – Kananaskis – Trip Bagger · March 12, 2022 at 5:50 pm

[…] The fortress as seen from Highway 40. Named because of it’s castle like walls protecting the summit. Just like a real fortress, it has weaknesses and can be summited from the back side. The first part of the trip is to get to the headwall lakes. These lakes in themselves would make for an excellent destination. But today we are going to keep going. Carefully cross the snow. Slipping here would be a bad scenario. Now above the lakes, the top of the Fortress can be seen. Still a long way to go. Above the lakes it just seems to keep going forever. And going…. The ramp leading to the summit comes into view. We will head up to the col on the left and then up to the summit. Looking back on the way up. Headlwall Lakes on the left, the very popular Chester Lake on the right. And on the summit! Views from the summit are not bad at all! Looking down on the old Fortress Ski Hill. To learn more about Fortress: Categories: HikesKananaskis HikesKananaskis Peak BaggingPeak Bagging Tags: HikingKananaskisKananaskis ScramblePeak BaggingScrambleWinter hike […]

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