The iconic ski lodge at Fortress Mountain. For those that never had the opportunity to visit Fortress while it was open, it was exactly as you would imagine a ski lodge, full of beer and wet clothes. It had an amazing atmosphere.
Opened in 1967, Fortress skill hill found itself in financial trouble, changed owners a few times and eventually closed in the early 2000’s.
You know, cause you might scratch the walls or damage the furniture. I got permission from the owners to go inside (without my snowboard).
The main lodge area, many wet gloves were dried by that fireplace.
This is where you would buy your tickets.
Looking down into the main area with the iconic copper clad fireplace.
The old Fortress bar, which of course, I didn’t go to when it was open. Well, maybe once, just to try something new.
I recall waiting in line at this counter to get a poorly made overpriced burger served by a usually high French Canadian, precious memories.
It looks like they just left the place as it was, didn’t even bother to pack up.
I’ve stayed in worse hotels.
This is the view you would have had from your hotel room. It really is too bad they let this place fall apart.
Found the plans for what would be the ski chalets. I believe the date is Dec 94, might be 84 however.
Here is what they look like now.
Sweet phones bro!
You didn’t want to end up here.
Ski patrol beer fridge. I wonder if the beer debit was ever settled?
Avalanche observation records. They would use this to help them decide if it was safe to open the runs or not.
$74.90 for TWO DAYS! For comparison, a day at Sunshine is now about $100 per day.
Or how about a seasons pass for $250, Deeeecent!
The slopes are still in use by a cat skiing operation with big plans to one day reopen the hill (now it costs roughly $400 for a day of skiing there). Unfortunately, the lodge is damaged beyond re-use; it will be torn down in the coming years.


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