Just down the road from Niagara Falls is a nice little town called Niagara on the lake. As you can see, it is quite picturesque.
A garden like this wouldn’t last more than a week in Calgary.
This crap shack was for sale. I would imagine it would be very affordable. I decide not to buy it as I don’t even cut my own lawn in Calgary (my awesome neighbor does). This one would be a lawn maintenance nightmare.
In contrast, the town right at Niagara Falls is an absolute Circus!
You can sit and have a beer while watching fireworks explode over the Falls. If you look closely, you can see the US side of the falls on the left side of the picture.
The Canadian horseshoe side of the falls lights up in all sorts of jazzy colors at night.
We walked down to see the class 6 rapids below the falls. Despite being some of the most dangerous rapids on the planet, in the 1970’s a commercial rafting company started offering trips down the rapids. After only a dozen or so trips, 4 people drowned and they decided it might be a good idea to reconsider. Rebecca is impressed by this and takes a picture.
From Niagara Falls we went to Sarnia Ontario, where they have a big bridge that big ships pass under. The land on the other side is the good old US of A! This is the location where 1500 US partiers ended up illegally floating into Canada due to strong winds back in 2016. Perhaps we need to build a wall? 


Also in Sarnia is Canatara Beach. I spent many days here as a kid swimming, sailing and skateboarding (well, not on the beach).
Of course Rebecca somehow finds a goat, not surprising really.
Me and my 93 year old Grandfather.
Who somehow managed to attract a parrot (It’s not his).
Fortunately, it was a friendly parrot.
Before heading off we meet up with my Grandfather for breakfast. If I had to guess, his mug is full of scotch.


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