The day starts by hiking up King Creek Ridge which even by itself is a nice day hike in Kananaskis Country. We park at the bottom in front of this mysterious “P” sign, whatever that means.
Marc makes his way up onto King Creek Ridge.
Once on the ridge we finally see the objective for the day. We seriously considered calling it off. The snow to get up to the ridge was a bit more than I expected and hadn’t brought any gear for snow travel with me. We spent some time analyzing the potential routes and trying to decide if it would be waste of effort to head all the way up the mountain only to be turned around. Since there are more pictures to come, you know what we decided.
Even as we got closer we still weren’t entirely sure it would be possible to summit but just kept making our way up.
It turns out we were completely wrong and it really wasn’t that bad to get up onto the final ridge to the summit.
Marc makes the last couple steps onto the summit.
King Creek ridge that we traversed earlier that morning is in the foreground.
Cold summit Selfie!
The View of Kananaskis lakes from the summit.
It is winter up here!
Marc makes his way back down from the summit.
We find this giant boulder precariously balanced on a ridge.
Marc tries to push it off, unsuccessfully.
Rather than hike back up King Creek Ridge we follow the creek out. The debris in the creek from the 2013 floods makes for slow going. This creek is well known for Ice Climbing. See what ice climbing in this creek looks like here:


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