The lesser known but best Cayman Island

Might as well start here, Cayman Brac is known for this feature the locals call the bluff. A 140 foot tall cliff. I feel obligated to mention that there are 115 bolted rock climbing routes on this cliff. Some of which you have to repel down from the top to the ocean and then climb back up (hopefully). More on Rock Climbing here:
On top of the Bluff is a historic light house so that ships don’t run into one of the famous rock climbing routes. Alright, let’s get this over-with a bit sooner than usual…….
Traditional Summit Selfie. The light house is the highest place on the island. Since I make the rules, this counts.
The view from the lighthouse isn’t bad at all. As you can see Cayman Brac doesn’t have much in the way of development and that is what makes it great! If you want tall buildings and sprawling resorts head over to Grand Cayman.
Only 2000 people live on the island of Cayman Brac making for a very relaxed and peaceful island. In fact, I can stand right in the middle of this major road (there are only 3) and take a picture. Traffic is non existent, and neither are traffic lights, there isn’t a single one.
The people of Cayman Brac are very friendly. So much so, if you email the Cayman Brac Government (as I did) and ask them to show you around, they will show up in this van with two locals and will spend the day showing you the natural beauty of the island. The cost for this exclusive tour….. Free, the Cayman Government will pick up the tab.
Here are the guys showing me how to find Brown Boobies (the birds, perverts). Keino, our government appointed guide, explained that Cayman Brac was discovered by Christopher Columbus in 1503 when he accidentally drifted off course.
They even brought us to a local ladies farm on the bluff and showed us all the different fruit you can grow on the island.
I kept noticing these crosses on the roads all around the island and have always wondered what they meant. Keino knew right away, they are used to help with mapping the island when using satellite images; I would have never guessed that.
Keino was even kind enough to let us know where the good snorkeling spots are and good places to go swimming.
He certainly wasn’t wrong! Notice the crowds on the beach? Do me a favor, don’t tell too many people about Cayman Brac.
Life on Cayman Brac moves at a relaxed pace. I would cruise around on this high tech bike and just take in the sites. You can also go hiking, caving, rock climbing or perhaps even try some rum (I certainly didn’t).
Why not pull over and take a picture of tree? It might cut into your busy schedule!
There are a couple of small dive resorts on the island, which as you can see are also pretty quiet and relaxing. No fighting over a beach chair here!
There are very few pools on Cayman Brac but why would you need one anyway? You can’t see it but there is a ladder here to get in and out. What a great place to go for a swim or snorkel…. No swim up bar though.
The lack of development also means the night sky is amazing in the Brac. This strange picture is actually taken at night, that is the moon lighting up the neighbors house.
This is the night sky just taken with a point and shoot camera. I’m sure with some good camera gear (and knowledge I don’t have on how to use it) you could get some spectacular night photos down here.
It should go without saying, but if Scuba or snorkeling is your thing, you can do that too!
As I shovel the driveway… again, I think it is time to head back to the Brac.
Bonus weird pirate statue I found while hiking, creepy.


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