The gates at the entrance to the garden. The sign above the entrance loosely translates to “Good Will Garden” or as they call it in English, the Friendship Garden.
Even in September, Fresno is hot. We figured the Gardens would be a nice shady escape from the heat. It costs $7 USD to get in, and I feel it is good value for the money.
There are several walkways, streams and ponds. They provide a pamphlet that explains the different sections and plants.
I am just happy to find some shade away from the heat. This Canadian was built for winter.
Behind these gates is a traditional Japanese tea house. The Tea house was built in Japan and 1989. It was then dismantled, shipped to Fresno and put back together…. Like an Ikea flat pack Japanese tea house.
Peacock and baby peacocks. I kept my distance.
We pass by a cool field of short palm trees.
Double moon bridge.
Thanks to the handy guide, Sian explains that in Japanese culture the double moon is a sign of good luck.
I decide this is the highest part of the Garden, Summit selfie time!


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