The jumpingpound loop is an easy snowshoe loop that is close to Calgary. It is laid out in a figure 8 pattern which means you can make loops of various lengths with the larger looping being roughly 10km. As you can see, there are numerous signs and maps to keep you on track.

The majority of the trail is in the forest, however there are a couple places with a bit of a view.

I started in the middle of the trail, so I was treated to the viewpoints early during my hike. Moose Mountain makes an appearance in the distance.

Closer view of Moose Mountain.

Not surprisingly, the portion with the view is also the highest so traditional summit selfie time!

Because the highway (well, gravel road) cuts right through the middle of the trail, you must cross it twice. This does give you 3 different options for a starting point, however.

And just-in-case you failed to see the 2-lane highway while taking in the scenery, they have put in this stop sign warning you about the highway right in front of you. I can only imagine the scenario that led to somebody feeling that they needed this sign.

The route is very well signed and marked. Judging by the tracks covered in snow it had been a while since anybody else had done this loop. I only encountered one other person this day, a guy on a fat bike heading the opposite direction around the loop. He said this loop was excellent for fat biking.

Along the way, I found some prayer flags.

The sun doesn’t stay up for very long this time of year.

You would have to work very hard to get lost on this trail.

I decided to make a little detour to explore a nearby group campground.

This looks like a nice cozy cabin. This is how I imagine Darb’s house looks like.

The campground also has this group day use area for cooking.

Despite having 3 locks on the doors, I had read that if you walked around back there was a door they left open for emergencies.

Yup, story checks out.

After getting back on the loop, I followed it around and back to my car. Overall, a nice easy snowshoe close to the city.


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