The Bluff, as the locals call it, is a huge limestone cliff on the island of Cayman Brac. It is home to some world-class climbing routes. In years past, we would drag bags full of climbing gear down to the island so that we could enjoy these routes. Recently, a new operation has opened that will take you out climbing on the Bluff and provide all the gear and professional guides for your trip so you don’t have to worry about hauling duffle bags full of ropes and carabiners to the Caribbean.
A closer look at the bluff as we walk up to the base of the route. The bluff is full of caves and openings.
The trip starts with some cave exploring that pops out on a ledge on the cliff. From there, we climb two easy pitches to the top of the Bluff. This is Angel, the founder of Rock Iguana and certified climbing guide.
From inside the cave we are standing at the bottom of our two pitches of climbing to the top of the Bluff. We tie in, do some safety checks and are shortly on the way up.
Making my way up toward the top of the bluff.
The views on the way up aren’t bad at all. It was nice that there was some cloud as the sun in the Caribbean makes for a hot and sweaty time when out climbing.
Almost at the summit.
Angel doing her thing belaying up the second. I would highly recommend using Angel’s guiding services if you are visiting Cayman Brac. You can get in touch with her here:
And on the summit at the Carin. The sign in front was created by a local artist named Foots. Unfortunately, the sign blew over in a windstorm and broke. You can learn more about Foots here:
View from the top isn’t bad at all.
The traditional summit selfie must make an appearance!
From the summit we go for a short walk along razor sharp ironshore through some interesting cactus and other tropical plants.
Angel then guides us to a small hole in the ironshore and disappears into the ground.
The cave pops back out at the top of the bluff. We tie back into the rope to prepare for a rapel back down to the bottom of the bluff.
After safely making it back down to the ground, Angel follows us down and pulls down the rope. A great way to explore part of the Caymans that most tourists don’t get to see.

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Shawn Bags Cayman Brac - Trip Bagger · April 3, 2022 at 7:24 pm

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