First Section of the High Rockies – Goat Creek to Three Sisters Dam.

Quick Stats

The official start of the High Rockies trail is the Goat Creek parking lot. You initially start on the Goat Creek trail but about 900m in will turn off to the left onto the High Rockies. It is very well signed. The High Rockies trail is a 80Km trail that was built for Canada’s 150th anniversary. Today we will ride the first 10Km of the trail.
Initially, the trail starts on the Goat Creek trail. It is a multi use trail that in the winter can be used by cross country skiers, snowshoers and hikers. It is considered good etiquette not to ruin the cross country ski tracks. On a steep downhill section I ventured a little too far away from the tracks and hit a soft spot in the snow. My front tire sank right into the snow and I went sailing over the handle bars. I used my face in the snow to slow me down which worked very well (for slowing down that is).
All of the intersections on this portion of the trail are well signed so it is easy to find your way.
Shortly after leaving Goat Creek you pass a small pond. There were ducks and geese hanging out here. Ha-Ling peak is in the background:
Just beyond the pond are nesting poles that I assume are for Osprey. The idea is that by providing a nesting platform for the birds they don’t build their nests on power poles which can cause problems for the electrical grid.
All of the creeks I encountered had bridges. This is looking toward Banff.
This is the only trail I have ever encountered that had a rule about maximum tire pressure for bikes. It is 8PSI. For the record, I was running around 4 or 5 PSI this particular day.
Although the majority of the trail is in the trees, you still get some great views along the way. I figure this must be the high section of the trail. Which can only mean one thing….
Traditional summit selfie!
The only tracks on the trail were mine and from the local residents. But closer to the end of this section a local dog sled operator uses this trail. The plus side is that it will be well packed down and easy going. The downside is you may have to jump off the trail to let a pack of dogs pass by.
This will be the end of the trail for me today. You can keep going another 70Km or so on the High Rockies trail (some parts are closed in the winter). I elected to return back the same way I came. I suppose another option would be to ride back on the spray lakes highway if the snow on the trail is getting too soft.


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