Short runs but low risk area to split board.

Quick Stats

  • Distance: 3.2Km (per lap)
  • Height Gain: 300m per lap
  • Round Trip Time: 45min per laps
With the avalanche forecast not looking good, I decided to head out for some laps in easy terrain with minimal avalanche risk. I often get asked what a split board is so I though I’d make some pictures that explain what split boarding is all about. NOTE: This area can have avalanche risk, be sure to make your own assessment of the risk.
The first objective is to get to the top of the run. The split board is currently in ski mode. It has bindings that articulate like a cross country ski. The bottom of the skis has a skin on them that allows the skis to move forward, but do not slip backwards. You can move much faster on split board skis compared to snowshoes. It requires less effort as well as you just need to push the ski forward.
It is important to take some time on the way up to enjoy the views. Because the ride down will be too fast and fun for that.
Eventually, I arrive at a location that is high enough for today. Given the avalanche conditions I wanted to stay below treeline and avoid overhead hazards. Time to transform from ski mode to snowboard mode for the ride back down.
The first step is to remove the bindings from the skis. They easily pop off with just one latch.
Next I remove the skins that are attached to the bottom of the skis.
The skis then get latched together to make a snowboard.
The bindings then slide onto the snowboard and latch into place. They also do double duty and help hold the two skis together in the snowboard mode.
From ski mode to snowboard mode. Strapped in and ready for an exciting ride back down the mountain. But first, there is one last thing to do before we can head down…
Traditional Summit Selfie!
It is a fairly mellow run out but steep enough to still be fun. Once I got to the bottom, I switched back to ski mode and went for a second lap.


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