Seaside resort town with enough UFO sightings to get it’s own Netflix show.

Welcome to Broad Haven on the coast of Wales. Population 850 plus an unknown number of aliens and UFOs, I’ll explain that last part in a bit.
Broad Haven was originally built for mining coal from the nearby seaside cliffs. We had been told by my long lost relative Daphne that if you wait for low tide, you can walk out on the beach, hang a left along the coal filled cliffs and end up at the neighboring town, Little Haven. But she did warn us not to do it if the tide was coming back in. It looks low to me, so away we go!
After a 30 minute walk or so we found ourselves at this small inlet which is where the neighboring town of Little Haven is. This beach is a blue flag beach which means it has a high level of environmental stewardship and protection of the natural surroundings.
The town of Little Haven is built into the side of the rocky cliffs above the small inlet. A very picturesque small Welsh town.
There is a walking trail that climbs up the cliffs granting you a view of both the beach and the town.
Worth the short uphill hike for the view. The town of Little Haven would be the first inlet on the right. Broad Haven where we started our walk is in the far distance.
Which of course, means it is time for the traditional summit selfie.
We decided to walk back along the road as it seems the tide was coming back in and didn’t feel like getting trapped by incoming salt water. The roads in Wales are extremely narrow and even though traffic flows both ways, there is only enough room for one car. There are small sections where the road is a bit wider so two cars can pass each other. If you encounter an oncoming car, one of you has to backup to these passing lanes. It was only when I got home did I realize this particular passing lane must have been special, as the sign reads “Man Passion Assing Place”.
Taken on a different day, but gives you an idea of what it is like to drive a car down these narrow roads. There isn’t much room for error.
Having a bit of daylight left, we decided to walk the other direction from Broad Haven on the Wales Coast Trail. The Wales Coast Trail is a 1400km long hiking trail that follows the coast. You can walk the entire length of trail, staying in rooms above pubs along the way. But enough about that, what about the aliens!!??
In 1977, a yellow cigar shaped craft landed in a field just outside Broad Haven near a school. 14 school children claimed to have witnessed a single silver skinned occupant emerge from the craft. The principle of the school separated the children and had them draw what they saw. Each drawing was very similar. The UK ministry of defense launched a formal investigation but couldn’t find any evidence of UFOs or aliens.
Ever since this event, the area has had 450 more reports of UFO sightings, more than any other area of the UK. There are also reports of paranormal activity and intricate designs in the sand during low tide (although some of these were later determined to be made by employees of the local brewery). They now call this area the Welsh triangle, named after the famed Bermuda triangle. Netflix even featured this town in its series about paranormal activity show called Encounters.
So if Broad Haven Wales is good enough for interstellar visitors, it might just be good enough for you to visit too. Maybe just stay away from the rocky cliffs.


Daphne Nairn · May 22, 2024 at 2:36 pm

I’m pleased to see that the sun shone for you when you were in Broad Haven, it shows everything off at its best.

    Shawn · June 4, 2024 at 4:37 pm

    Thank you Daphne! We got lucky with the weather.

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