Resources: Gillean Daffern’s Kananaskis Trail Guide Volume 3 (orange book). Hike #29 (Note Gillean uses my descent route as the ascent in her guide)

Door Jamb and Loder peak are an excellent quick scramble just outside of Canmore. If you are quick, they can be done as an after-work outing.

On the way up the ridge are some great friction slabs to scramble up. The highway and Jura creek can be seen in the background.

More of the scrambly slabs. The route basically follows the ridge up you can see in the background.

Since you are busy enjoying the slabs on the way up, you reach the summit in no time at all!

Unfortunately, the invention of the summit selfie wasn’t a thing yet, so this will have to do. From the top of Door Jamb you can carry on to Loder peak.

Yamnuska comes into view. Although it seems tempting to carry on along the ridge to Old Goat Mountain, I would not recommend it unless you are prepared with ropes and gear.

The views up here are not bad at all!

Loder peak in the background. At this point you have a few options. You can go back the way you came. You can explore the ridge a bit further (stop where it gets dicey) or you can drop down to Jura creek and make a loop back out to the car.

The route from the col below Loder to Jura creek isn’t too bad to navigate. In Giileans trail guide she suggests using it as the ascent route to avoid the scrambly slabs.

Navigating the rubble in Jura creek.

Exploring the bathtub features on the way back out of Jura creek.

Sian is pumped to have been up Loder and made it back down safely!


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