It’s called the Windtower for a reason, and it’s not because you had tacos the night before.

Quick Stats

  • Distance: ~10Km
  • Height Gain: ~900m
  • Round Trip Time:
  • Kane Ratting: Easy – Mostly a hike
  • Resources: This area is closed from December 1 – June 15, due to protection of critical winter range for elk and bighorn sheep
The View of the Windtower from the highway. The trail follows the West winds pass initially and then hangs a right toward the Windtower.
After heading up West Winds pass a view of the Windtower comes into view. The trail heads to the right and then follows the ridge left to the summit.
A recent snowfall makes for some nice scenery on the way up. These blocked ledges are the only scrambling along the entire trip.
Geo makes his way up the gravel slope toward the summit.
And on the summit. Somebody has built a rock wall to block the wind, which is certainly welcome. My dad cracks a “Pepsi” on the summit to celebrate. Thanks to low resolution 2007 photos, nobody will ever be able to prove otherwise.
Since this was before the start of the traditional summit selfie, me holding a delicious cold “Pepsi” will have to do.
For the effort required, the views up here are amazing. Mount Lougheed looks imposing. More on ascending Lougheed here:
Geo is from Saskatchewan. The wind and cold doesn’t bother him at all. Prairie folks are built tougher.
Looking down the spray valley. The lake isn’t frozen but will be soon.
Geo decides the best way to deal with the cold and strong wind, make a snow angel. Makes perfect sense! He says it will be a naked snow angel next time.


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