Quick summit right outside Exshaw. Good early season objective.

Quick Stats

  • Distance:14Km round trip (different options exist)
  • Height Gain: 4500 feet
  • Round Trip Time:
  • Kane Ratting: Easy
The ascent starts up from the town of Exshaw. Along the way you cross these grippy slabs of rock that make for a quick ascent.
If you leave the main route, there are some small cliffs you can scramble up to spice up your journey.
The views on the way up are pretty reasonable.
The summit isn’t exactly inspiring.
“Oh hey, was that the summit? Almost missed it”. Fortunately, you can carry on along Exshaw ridge for a bit to keep things interesting.
If you carry on from the summit there is an interesting rocky ridge to walk along.
View from the ridge.
Better view of the ridge.
For the return journey you can retrace your steps or drop down into Exshaw creek and make a loop back to the town of Exshaw.


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