Easy front range scramble with options to go further.

Quick Stats

  • Distance: ~8.2Km
  • Height Gain: ~640m
  • Round Trip Time:
  • Kane Ratting: Easy
  • Resources: Kananaskis Country Trail Guide Volume 2 (Red Book)
The peak of Belmore Brown can be seen from the highway. It is the mostly snow free peak on the right side.
The trail initially follows a clear-cut logging area. The objective for the day can be seen in the distance.
After a short scrambly bit, you will arrive in this bowl. You can continue to follow the trail up to the col or hang a right and follow the ridge up instead. My plan is to follow the ridge up and then take the scree in the bowl back down.
A look up the ridge toward the summit.
And on the summit. There is a second summit that can be seen in the background with a weather station on it. The book claims they are the same height.
If you want to head over to the second summit there is this pesky little crack in the way. You need to drop down to get around it.
There are numerous possible extensions for this trip. Some of which can be seen in the background. So who was this Belmore Brown guy? He was a famous landscape artist that taught at the Santa Barbra school of fine arts. One of his students went on to create Donald Duck. He was a founding member of the American Alpine Club. Between 1920 to 1943 he spent his summers in Banff.
When Belmore Brown died in 1954, his ashes were spread on this peak, and it was eventually named after him. Due to the lingering spring snow we decide to head back down the scree slope to meet up with the trail we took up. The Tiara peak and be seen on the right. More about that peak here: https://www.tripbagger.com/2017/07/30/shawn-bags-tiara-peak-kananaskis/
Back down in the valley where we meet up with the original trail and follow the stream back toward the highway.
On the way down we noticed a new stream was forming. The creek bed would be dry but then would fill up with water. The water was moving a bit slower than walking pace so we could stay ahead of it. This is the only time in all my years of hiking where I have seen this happen.
The beginning of the stream again heading down the creek.


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