Incredible Spot!

The trail up the ridge ascends above tree line very quickly and the views open up right away.
Because the trail ascends so quickly, its a summit photo already!
Although it is August, it is pretty cold on top.
The glacier with the tourist buses is below. If you look very carefully you can see a black spec on the left side of the glacier… that is a giant bus.
The views from the top are spectacular. I won’t write much more and just let the pictures speak for themselves.
Rather than descending the ascent route you can go on a magnificent ridge walk and then descend. If you look closely there are two people on the ridge… about halfway up the pic.
See them now? Bottom left hand corner.
Near (but not on) a cornice.
Looking back at the glacier on the back side of the summit.
Absolutely awesome ridge walk.
Even on the ridge walk, the views are spectacular!


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