My third time to Croatia. It really is an amazing Country.

City of Dubrovnik, Croatia.
This is the “road” that the house we stayed at was on. The taxi driver would not drive up the stairs, we walked the rest of the way.
Dubrovnik was most likely originally founded in the 7th Century. That’s roughly 1300 free birthday deserts at Denny’s if you are counting.
Built sometime around 1440, this is Onofrio’s Fountain. It is the end-point of an aqueduct system that would deliver water to the town from a spring a few kilometers away.
Dubrovnik has many narrow paths with restaurants hidden in interesting places.
But you can’t pay with Euros… or with ice-cream. Even stranger, their money, the Kuna, is named after a rodent. We should have called our money the Beaver! That will be 100 beavers.
Sian on top of the wall that surrounds the city. To walk around the entire city on the wall is about 2Km.
Again, this seems to happen regularly.
Dubrovnik was almost completely destroyed in the late 1660’s by an earthquake. It was rebuilt, only to be destroyed again a few centuries later.
In the 1970’s Dubrovnik was demilitarized in hopes that doing so would prevent other nations from attacking and destroying this amazing ancient city.
Unfortunately, it didn’t work. Shortly after Croatia declared it’s independence in 1991 the Yugoslav peoples army started shelling the old town of Dubrovnik.
The siege of Dubrovnik lasted 7 months. Over 50% of the historic buildings were damaged.
The darker brown looking roofs are the few buildings that survived the siege on Dubrovnik. The red roofs are the newer ones that have been rebuilt. Rebuilding the city took almost 8 years and was never completely finished.
View of the house we stayed in from the castle. It is in the center with a pointy roof and 4 windows visible. A quick walk to the town, and a long uphill stumble back.
Man in his very Tiny Boat. Nothing more needs to be said.
Just your average bar, outside a castle, on the Dalmatian Coast.
And yes, the Dalmatia Coast is what the dogs are named after. We decide to only have “1” beer.
Allegedly, Alfred Hitchcock said Croatia has the most beautiful sunsets in the world. They aren’t too shabby in my opinion.
Sian after only having “1” beer.
Inside Dubrovnik, there are over 5000 steps. Which help speed our upward journey home after enjoying 1 beverage.
B-ri demonstrates the correct way to measure your height to the little girl that lived at the house we stayed at. As an engineer, precision is key!
Using the same system, he determines that she is also 6 feet tall.
In a few hours, this place will be packed full of tourists again.
Just “1” beer.


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