And some Beaches Too.

The tiny fishing village of Rose Montenegro.
Unfortunately, very little information is out there about this town. The town across the water you can see in the background is Herceg Novi, it was founded in 1382, so most likely Rose was settled around the same time.
Bar right on the Adriatic, pretty cool spot.
Does anybody know what this is? Seriously, I have no idea?
Montenegro gets its name from the mountains in the background, Monte – Mountain, Negro – Black.
Neat walkway leading up to somebodies house.
In 2007, Financial times listed Montenegro as one of the world’s top 10 places for buying property. I think this country has plenty of potential, better to get in sooner than later however.
Montenegro only became an impendent country in 2006. A country younger than Canada, neat.
You can see Herceg Novi in the background across the water again, translated it means New Castle.
This is Jaz beach (pronounced Yaz, like the birth control pill).
We were told by a local that it was a famous beach, where the rolling stones, Madonna and Lenny Kravitz held concerts. Really? In Montenegro, come on…..
Turns out he was right, they have all played concerts here. At the time, it held the record for the smallest town to ever host a rolling stones concert.
This is Plavi Horizinti Beach. We went here a couple times because it was very nice. Nice sand, crystal clear and fairly warm water (by Canadian standards at least).
The sand went out a considerable distance and only got deeper very gradually.
B-ri after a rough day of swimming and lounging in the sun. Behind him you can see a cool path that led through the forest to a different beach area.
Given the pebbly nature of the beaches in Montenegro and Croatia, I can’t help but wonder if this sand was added at some point.
Although we are in Montenegro, the sun sets over the southernmost tip of Croatia.


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