Old City of Kotor Montenegro. The lights up the mountain are on the old wall that surrounds and protects the ancient city.
Same view during the day from the house we rented. A house right on the Mediterranean Sea, for about 75 CND a night.
B-ri checks his email from the dock in front of the house.
Turtles live on the front lawn of the house.
House is on the left.
Kotor City was purposely laid out like a maze. They did this so that if intruders got in they would be confused and not find their way around. B-ri ensured us he could easily figure it out.
After well over an hour of following B-ri around narrow walkways, we figured the maze had defeated him.
Some time later, and much more hungry, we stumbled across the restaurant we were looking for entirely by accident. B-ri credits his keen navigational skills for finding it however and celebrates with a glass of wine.
2L of Serbian beer was about $2. and yes, that is a plastic 2L bottle full of beer.
View of Kotor from the top of the mountain.
Typical winding road in Montenegro. These windy roads made going any distance take forever!
The largest bay in the Adriatic.
The sign above Sian says “CATS MUSEUM”. We didn’t go inside… I’m allergic.
Inside the old town walls.
People still live and work in old town Kotor.
We decided to climb the wall that surrounds the town.
The stairs are for people and the smooth path beside was for moving canons up the hill.
The old town really is laid out like a maze.
It was really hot outside… at least for us Canadians. A local ran by us in a sweater and then stopped to do push-ups…. seriously.
In 1979 most of Kotor was destroyed by an Earthquake. Most of it has been rebuilt, but not everything.
Although Kotor was founded by the Romans over 2000 years ago, Montenegro only became a country in 2006.
Only 50,000 people visit the country of Montenegro each year. For comparison, 3-4 million visit the town of Banff.
One afternoon we watched a truck run over all these cements posts. Montenegro delivers.
I never knew that rats could swim. Montenegro set that straight for me.


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