AKA Tivat – Montenegro AKA Porto – Montenegro

Tivat was originally a Greek and Roman settlement dating back to prehistoric times.
Before the collapse of Yugoslavia it was a Yugoslav peoples army naval base.
In 2011 the naval base was bought by Canadian Billionaire Peter Munk and converted into a luxury marina for Mega Yachts.
I’d say he accomplished his goal.
Definitely not how I imagined Montenegro would be.
In case you are wondering. You can rent this Yacht for roughly $380,000 per week. Sleeps 12 Guests and has 13 crew. If you split the cost among 12 people, its only $31,000 per person per week. If you are still not convinced…. they include snorkel gear with your rental!!
In case you haven’t already booked the previous yacht. Here is the link to do so:
Our Canadian Friend Peter also renamed the marina. Now called Porto Montenegro.
Apparently, the rich like Montenegro because most people don’t really think of Montenegro as a playground for the rich. I have no problem sharing their dirty little secret with everybody.
B-ri and Sian assess this yacht to see if it would suit our needs for the remainder of our trip. We decide to stick to the Fiat Punto we rented for $75 a day instead.
As cool as the Giants Yachts are. I’m a sucker for sail boats. This one would work okay I suppose.
The hotel in the background is also Canadian. Last time I checked it was roughly $500 per night. In Montenegro, that is about 10 times what we paid to rent an entire house…. a house right on the sea side.
Park your giant Super Yacht, then take smaller boat here and go to your condo. Even the ultra rich have to commute!


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