Unlike most mountains I climb, this one has stairs going up it, how convenient!
There are 461 stairs to the top, most of the way it is carved inside the mountain.
So I won’t say which shadow belongs to who, but somebody on the left seems awfully excited to visit a mausoleum.
Mausoleum on top of a mountain, 5740 feet above sea level.
These fine ladies represent the people of Montenegro, watching over Petars final resting place.
The statue is of Petar Petrovic Njegoš…. with an eagle. The ceiling is also made of gold.
Petar Petrovic Njegoš final wish was to be buried on top of this mountain.
Initially, Petar was buried near the top of the mountain, but years of conflict in the area resulted in his final resting place change more than once.
We were roughly the same altitude as this commercial flight.
You can see 80% of the entire country of Montenegro from the summit of this mountain.
Petar Petrovic Njegoš gets a fancy mausoleum because he was a treasured poet, philosopher and prince bishop. He has a long history and is remember fondly by the people of Montenegro.
Nearby mountain cast’s it’s shadow.
In more recent times Petar was returned to the final resting place he had requested, on top of the mountain. In 1970 they started building this mausoleum for him.
It was finished 4 years later.
This is the highest mausoleum… IN THE WORLD [Read that in Jeremy Clarkson’s voice!]
We decided it would be fun to take the original trail back down… it was.
Back in the car for the ride home. This is a typical two lane “highway” in Montenegro. Similar to what we call a bike path in Canada. Passing oncoming cars was tricky in some places.


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