We hadn’t planned on stopping in Ulcinj but it made good sense as we traveled down the coast.
The majority of the people in town are ethnic Albanian. It is said this town has the exact same feeling as towns in Albania.
We rented an apartment from a random stranger standing on a street corner. We gave him cash, didn’t have to show ID and found ourselves in the building just right of the tree in the center of the picture, third floor, view of the ocean. I don’t remember the exact price, but it was less than 25 euros for sure.
Our door wouldn’t latch closed, never mind being able to lock it. So I engineered this fancy go anywhere door latching system (patent pending).
Although it is a beautiful, town, I think B-ri summed it up best when he said, “it just feels weird here”.
I was excited to find an S-10 in Montenegro so I parked beside it. The next day I found out it was a parking spot for taxis only. The sign in front of the car may have been a clue.
As with every other town in this part of Europe, there is an old town.
The castle on the sea is very popular with Albanian Tourists from Kosovo… Except for today, B-ri is their only visitor.
Most of the old town was destroyed in 1979 in an earthquake, they are still rebuilding to this day.
Took this photo with Darb in mind, he has a collection of speedos for body building and I thought he would enjoy seeing an Albanian speedo.
Fun Fact:, Miami beach is in Montenegro.
Velika Plaza is the largest, longest beach in Montenegro. It is said to have special healing properties. The local tourist organization recommends lying on the sand to cure what ails you.
I recommend drinking beer rather than laying in the sand. Also notice the car in the background driving by on the beach. Albania is within walking distance from here.
This is what it looks like when you are on a beach near the Albanian border and get a text message from your house alarm that somebody has broken in. My parents were thrilled to head down to my house at 2 in the morning Calgary time to investigate. Fortunately, it was just a faulty sensor (Not fortunately for my Mom and Dad).
Almost have all 15km of “Miami Beach” beach to ourselves. Thought it would be busier.


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