We had set our hopes very low for Podgorica. The reviews for this city are,,, well, terrible. This one is my favorite: “Podgorica is a Hole”


So why did we end up here? Travel logistics mainly. Podgorica has an international airport that also had a car rental agency we could ditch the trusty Fiat at. It also had a bus station so that B-ri could jump on a bus and ride 8 hours back to Sarajevo. It’s strange to think that B-ri was looking forward to going back to Sarajevo.
Turns out Podgorica is pretty nice, I was pleasantly surprised.
A local artist had turned old scrap metal into sculptures that were supposed to look like transformers.
Staying here is very affordable. This beer, served at a sit down bar, cost $1.75 cnd.
They look nearly identical if you ask me.
We had no idea what this was all about. It is only now that I know it is Vladimir Vysotsky who was a famous soviet era poet and singer. He would hide political messages in his music and that made him very popular. His death is surrounded in mystery but what is known is that he stared in Hamlet a few days before his death, hence the skull on the ground.
We passed the time by betting the last few Euros we had on random events happening around us.
Everybody here is wondering who these strange people are and why I am taking a picture of Podgorica.
Nice fountain in the center of town.
Apparently, in Podgorica it is normal to just hang out in the middle of the street and have a conversation. We were the only people that found this unusual.
Kiwi grew right outside the hotel window, how convenient!
Brian counts up his last few Euros. He was trying to decide if he had enough change for the bus ride to Sarajevo and a Burek in the morning or if he could afford one last beer. He opted for a beer regardless of the financial consequences.


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