Which isn’t in Jamaica, regardless of how the beach boys song goes.

Aruba is often rated as having some of the best beaches in the world.
Their alright I guess.
Okay, enough beaches for now. These guys were all over the place.
This bottle of rum and juice cost the exact same, $18 USD each. I’ll just stick with rum from now on.. For economic reasons.
View from downtown Oranjestad. Giant cruse ship lurking in the background, it may attack at any time!
Another one of those famous beaches. This one is called Baby beach because of it’s shallow water.
Holly @#$ is that the elusive Arubian tiger on a rock? I decide the safest tactic here is to move in closer to investigate.
Well that’s disappointing – it is plastic.
Aruba is a pretty small island. roughly 10km wide and 30km long. If it wasn’t for their crazy European inspired roads, you could drive across it very quickly.
Aruba has a number of short walking trails built into the clusters of rocks found around the island.
View of the island from on top of one of those rocks. Venezuela is just 70 miles away in the same direction.
Tourist Photo!
Arashi Beach.
Aruba has some okay snorkeling. I believe this is a parrot fish, which are delicious, in case you were wondering.
Aruba is a Dutch island. They have their own language that is a mix of Dutch and Spanish.
Aruba also has its own currency. Some of the coins are square, which is a cool idea. But these are fish and have nothing to do with currency.
It almost never rains in Aruba. Which is nice if you are a cactus, or tourist looking for a warm beach vacation.
Gotta have at least one sunset photo for good measure.
So much so that I am sure I’ll be back one day.


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