Hooiberg Mountain rises abruptly above the landscape. I decide this mountain needs to be climbed, and I know just the guy for the job…
The mountain is visible from just about anywhere on the island, even from the airport.
Before heading out on this epic adventure to climb the massive 165m tall mountain, I do a jig to appease the mountain gods for safe passage. For perspective, at 165m tall, this mountain is only 8683m shorter than Everest, practically the same!
A serious mountain climb like this requires plenty of advanced planning for safety. I allocate 1 hour for the ascent and time my departure to watch the sunset from the summit. I put a fist aid kit and a Balashi in a backpack.
Less than 8 minutes later, I reach the summit.
The giant mountain casts an imposing shadow over the landscape.
Hooiberg is a Dutch word that means Haystack. Which is what the locals say this mountain looks like.
Only 70 miles in this direction is the coast of Venezuela. I’m told on a clear day you can see it from here.
Traditional Summit Selfie.
The sun does its thing.
They claim there are 562 steps to the summit, I counted 604. I decide that I am right.
I later discover that this is not the tallest mountain in the country but is a couple feet shorter than some obscure hill. I am forced to drown my sorrows with a drink and plan a return trip in the future to conquer the big one!


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