Found this guy on the way there.
Also came across this marmot hanging out. He blends in with the rock fairly well.
B-ri crosses the last little ridge before the summit.
On the summit.
In the background, in the valley to the right is the old Fortress ski hill:
Looking back toward the Kananaskis lakes.
We had just watched the Olympics. I bet against Usain Bolt, and lost… surprisingly. B-ri celebrates his win.
Back across the narrow ridge.
One last photo before heading back down.

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Shawn Bags Blueberry Hill – Kananaskis - Trip Bagger · March 27, 2022 at 9:18 pm

[…] from the top. Cheers nature. B-ri and I went up the small peak in the foreground last summer. Traditional Summit Selfie! Some weather starts rolling in from the west. I decide it is time to […]

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