The day starts at Lake O’Hara which Parks Canada limits access to. You to can stay at the cabins on the lake you can see in this picture. It ONLY costs $970 per night. (Minimum 2 night stay). I decide that instead of getting a cabin, I’ll climb a mountain.
After hiking to Schaffer Lake, which is still in the mountains shadow early in the morning, the ascent starts.
The terrain gets a little more interesting as you get higher.
View from the summit. The yellow thing in the front is a summit register.
Most mountains in the Rockies have a summit register. They have a little book in them where you sign your name. When the book fills up they get removed and stored at a museum in Banff. On a side note; this isn’t true on more popular summits, there are just far to many people summiting to do this.
Lake O’Hara and the very affordable cabins can be seen from the summit.
The mountain is named after Mary Schaffer who spent a good deal of time exploring the Canadian Rockies. First ascended in 1909.
Lake McArthur. My family was hiking around the area at the same time and waiting for me down at the lake.
I was trying to use the cameras timer to get a photo of myself. I was too slow.
This timer idea isn’t really working out.
I eventually gave up on the timer and took the traditional summit selfie instead. More on Lake O’Hara here:


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