The day starts with a long arduous trek down a dry creek bed. The floods in 2013 made the terrain rough and slow going. I decide riding a bike down it would speed things up… I’m not so sure it did.
Finally, I start to head up onto the connecting ridge. The objective for the day, Mount Howard, is the very distant peak on the left.
Still a long way to go. The summit is the peak in the center of the photo.
Looking back down the valley. The ascent ridge I am following is the one on the left.
Getting close now, just a couple KM left to go.
Summit view is worth the 21Km trip!
Summit Panorama.
In the center of the picture is Mount Romulus.
Traditional Summit Selfie (It was cold).
Summit register was placed in 2014. If I recall correctly, only 4 or 5 people had signed it in 2017… so far.
View from the summit looking back, my ascent ridge is on the left but to descend I will try the right ridge. Variety is the spice of life after all… I’m told.
To get out I went right down the ridge in the center of the photo. The ridge on the left was my ascent route. Once back down to the creek bed, I hung a right and did the long trek back to the parking lot.
Once back in the creek bed the weather started to turn for the worse,,, time to GTFO!

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Shawn Bags Mount Bryant – Trip Bagger · January 4, 2019 at 5:10 am

[…] bike, you could keep riding. At this yellow sign, you hang a right. Otherwise, you will end up at Mount Howard. After turning right at the yellow sign and heading up the dry tributary, the going gets a bit too […]

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