The day starts off on a wobbly suspension bridge. Sian hangs a foot off to one side to prove the airy drop below doesn’t bother her.
The guide suggests hanging off the side of the bridge to truly get exposed to the airy drop. 
After the bridge, things get a bit more interesting. Not a bad place to hang out.
I’m smiling, but the hundreds of feet of air below my feet have me wondering who installed these bolts, and how many they might have forgotten to tighten.
We keep just enough distance between us so that if one falls we both don’t go for an exciting ride.
If you look closely, you can see the suspension bridge where we started is (right hand side of the photo around the middle top to bottom).
So what exactly is Via Ferrata? Via Ferrata is Italian for Iron road. The majority of Via Ferrata routes were installed during the First World War in the Italian Alps to help Italian troops move quickly through the mountains. Since then, these metal rungs and cables have become a major tourist attraction. It is slowly catching on in Canada.
View from the top is not too shabby.
This peak is called Terminator II. Some years ago during the winter, I approached this ridge with my snowboard when I came across some ski patrollers. They dropped a couple bombs on the slope and when it didn’t slide declared it safe for riding. They didn’t feel like climbing back up the ridge so struck up a deal with me. If I climbed the ridge and took down the avalanche closed signs I could have first tracks down the chute. DEAL!
On the Summit!
The walk back down is a bit of an easier angle.
Sian with the cliff face we climbed behind her.
One last look at the route. Believe it or not, the left hand avalanche chute in this picture is a ski run in the winter. I have ridden it and would recommend it if you have a sense of adventure (or no sense at all).
Sian celebrates with a nice tall cold glass of apple juice.

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Shawn Bags Terminator 2… – Trip Bagger · June 18, 2019 at 3:37 am

[…] Ferrata up this mountain in the summer (link below). Wonder what that yellow sign is all about…..? Designated pee area. Don’t eat the yellow snow here, unless you’re into that sort of thing. A […]

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