A small quiet island in the Caymans.

Cayman Brac is not the ideal vacation spot for everybody. There are a number of tourist attractions you will not find on this obscure tiny island. 
For example, you won’t find any perfectly manicured beaches here. Just natural beaches here.
You won’t find any traffic here. I’m standing in the middle of the road to take this picture. On one of the main roads for that matter (there are only 3). In fact, you won’t even find any traffic lights, there aren’t any. 
You won’t find crowded beach resorts here. How are you going to have fights reserving a chair with your towel?
You won’t find over the top 5 star Michelin rated restaurants. There is however Barry’s Golden Jerk Chicken, which he cooks over a rusty steel drum, and is only open 3 days a week.
So why make the long Journey to Cayman Brac from Canada?
The people of Cayman Brac are extremely friendly and welcoming. With a sign, as proof.
Barry’s Jerk Chicken is unbelievable! He even dropped by our house and had a beer with us after he closed up his Jerk Chicken Shack (I’m serious).
You can rent an incredible house, right on the ocean for a very reasonable price (especially compared to Grand Cayman).
This was the view from the house, with a table to eat Barry’s Jerk Chicken right near the ocean.
Complete with a hammock, with a shady sea grape tree where you can watch the sunset each night.
Here I am, checking to make sure the sun goes down again.
Spoiler alert…… it did.
Cayman Brac is home to some world famous rock climbing routes. You can see a video of when we went climbing here some years ago.
There are a number of hiking trails on the island. Sian gives them two thumbs up! (That’s the maximum number of thumbs available!)
While out on a hike I found a mysterious ladder going into a dark hole. Of course, I had no choice but to see where it went.
Legend has it that this is the last photo I ever took.
There are a number of caves on the island that are a bit more accessible.
If you are an aviation enthusiast, Cayman Brac is great as the island is so small you are able to get very close to the planes coming and going. Surprisingly, it is considered an international airport as a flight comes from the US twice a week.
Dam tourists!
This would have been somebody’s home at some point. Unfortunately, Cayman Brac is prone to hurricanes. Insurance for hurricanes is very expensive and rebuilding after one can be too expensive for some. This house clearly falls into that category.
This would have been the previous houses front yard. I’m sure some day it will be bought and rebuilt.
When it’s time to leave my dad flags down a Saab 340B for the flight out.
So in conclusion, don’t come to Cayman Brac. I’d rather keep the empty beaches, Amazing Jerk Chicken, deserted hiking trails, caves to explore and no traffic for myself….. Oh and don’t take candid pictures of Sian, she doesn’t seem to like that either.
Bonus Chevy Extreme I found on the island. Rare find!

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