Mount Roberta can be clearly seen from the parking lot. Although it isn’t a particularly large or high summit, its location should make for some fine scenery. So…. Lets go!
The approach is on a wide well traveled logging road (which is typically used to hike to the Kananaskis fire lookout). The guidebook instructs you to watch for a “boulder about the size of a large microwave” on the side of the fire road. When you see this rock, turn left. Seems easy enough.
It’s a boulder; it’s about the size of a microwave, time for a left hand turn!
After taking the left hand microwave boulder turn, this is what I am faced with. The book also says finding the right route is important or you will face a steep uphill dense bushwhack. I decide the microwave boulder wouldn’t let me down and press on.
Initially the going is pretty easy but as I ascend the trees get a bit more dense, suggesting I may be slightly off route.
Eventually, it opens up a bit and it is a little easier going. I figure out where I should be and get back on route, without the aid of navigational rocks.
As I get above tree line I arrive at the col described in the guide (col, with a tree, story checks out). On the left is the route to the summit, on the right is a possible ridge walk extension.
Looking at the final ascent route to the summit. You can see the tree at the col from the previous picture near the bottom of this photo.
View from the summit. You can see the summit cairn (pile of rocks).
Traditional Summit Selfie!
Even with the short ascent; the views up here are pretty good! Below is the Highwood pass highway, the highest highway in Canada (just over 7200 feet in elevation).
The upper and lower Kananaskis lakes.
Given the short ascent, I decide to extend my day by doing a ridge walk to the high point you can see in this photo. Despite the fact I can see weather working its way down the valley toward me, I decide I am awesome, can outrun it and go for it anyway.
Looking back at the summit while on the ridge walk. You can see the weather getting closer.
The views along the ridge walk are very good!
Ridge walk summit selfie! Only this time the weather caught up to me (surprise) and I’m wet and cold.
One last look at the views on the way back down. I took a different route back down which I just happened to stumble upon. It was probably better marked than the ascent route but did require walking back down the highway a bit at the end.


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