The mountain, not the movie.

There are two special in-bound ski areas at kicking horse. One called Terminator ridge, the other, cleverly named terminator 2. Both areas can be accessed only by hiking out, no chair lifts here. This is the view as you start your walk out; terminator 1 is on the left.
The peak in the distance is the summit of terminator 2. We are currently standing on the top of T1. If winter sports aren’t really your thing, there is a Via Ferrata up this mountain in the summer (link below). Wonder what that yellow sign is all about…..?
Designated pee area. Don’t eat the yellow snow here, unless you’re into that sort of thing.
A sample of the terrain available to snowboard down off T1. But no time for that, we are heading over to Terminator 2! [Terminator Voice] “I’ll be back”…. To T1 some other day.
Hiking across the col between T1 and T2.
On the ridge heading up T2. There is a designated hiking route to follow with ropes down either side. You can see the line of people ahead of us, its almost as busy as Everest up here, almost.
In some places the trail is pretty steep. They have installed a rope you can see in the picture here to help you up these bits. One hand on the rope, one holding your snowboard, no hands left for beer.
The view from the summit of the Columbia valley isn’t bad at all. Marc points at his intended line of descent.
You may have enjoyed the hike out to T2 so much that you are tempted to continue hiking across the dogtooth range, just a bit further. As the sign alludes to, you should only keep going if you have the correct training, gear and experience to do so. In 2015, 3 men from Saskatchewan where caught in an avalanche just beyond this sign. Two of them suffered serious injuries.

2023 Update: Two people died in an avalanche in the area beyond this sign called Terminator 2.5. Do not leave the resort boundaries unless you have the experience, skills, equipment and knowledge to travel safely in avalanche terrain.
Take a moment to take in the view before rocketing down the Terminator.
Traditional summit selfie. Okay, now we can go down.
I didn’t take too many pictures on the way down as I was busy enjoying the ride. But this is looking over at T1 ridge from T2.
Looking back at the T2 peak and descent route we just rode down. From here it is an easy ride back down to the bottom followed by a beverage and some time in the hot tub.

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Christine · January 26, 2020 at 1:56 am

Loved pics and commentary as usual. Felt I was there with u. It felt so realistic. After watching it 3 times I felt exhausted and had a nap under my afghan blanket. Hate being cold and old. Enjoy u well deserved hols. Chris

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