Riding a bike without pedaling. Perfect fun!

There are a number of bike pump tracks in Calgary, but I thought I would visit the new one in Inglewood. If you are arriving by car, the entrance to the park is just off 7ave SE and is a tiny gravel exit.
There is a decent sized parking lot. You can also access the pump track from the river bike paths if you are already out for a ride.
You have to go around some fencing to access the pump track entrance. The fencing makes it look like the track is closed, but it isn’t.
At the entrance to the track is a sign with the rules and a description of how to use a pump track if you have never been on one before.
And away we go! The tracks are designed to be one direction only, so be sure you are going the right way.
The idea of a pump track is that you do not pedal but instead pump your arms and legs over the bumps and berms to gain momentum around the track. It is a solid work out and tires you out quickly.
It was incredibly tricky to get a picture of myself using the timer. Note the blue arrows indicating which direction you should be going.
There are picnic tables and benches to relax or watch the riders. This track is right beside the Bow River making it a great location.
It is also right under a flight path for the Calgary airport so you can distract yourself watching planes come and go as you let your sore arms and legs have pump break.
There are two tracks in Inglewood. A smaller one, shown here for those that are learning and then a larger, longer track when you want to progress to the next level.
Pump tracks are great fun! And a great workout for bonus points!
Once the traditional summit selfie makes an appearance; it is time to head home.


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