A crazy place. Go early to beat the crowds.

Quick Stats

Area 15 is a large complex that includes a grocery store and other attractions. This wild car parked outside looks like it came from the Burning Man festival and is a hint of what may lie inside. Better go shopping!
At the entrance to Area 15 is a guard dog wearing shoes and a jet pack. Exactly as your dog should be.
Once inside area 15, we can see the reason we are here. To pickup some supplies. The slogan of Omega Mart is “You have no idea what’s in store for you”. This sounds like just the place to go shopping!
Let’s take a look at what Omega Mart has to offer. How about some Mammoth Chunks? Rich in essential proteins!
How about a canned whole tattooed chicken for a quick dinner! Delicious! Nug Life!
Or if you’re into body building like my good friend darb, perhaps this toothpaste would be a better choice. The equivalent protein of eating 3 T-bone steaks with each brushing!
Or maybe some cubed peas if you’re trying to stick to a vegan diet?
I’ve been meaning to stock up on goat pus!
If you’re watching your weight, some dehydrated water should shed the pounds in no time! If you haven’t heard of Omega Mart before, you may have some questions by now. Can you actually buy these products? Yes. But be warned, Omega Mart says they want their prices to be shocking. Dehydrated water is $13.99 USD!
Omega mart covers over 52,000 square feet and is a collection of strange grocery products made by over 325 different artists. Most of which are for sale. You aren’t just buying goat pus, but a work of art. The idea of this artistic grocery store was first created in 2008 but took over 13 years to reach the state it is in today.
Partial pill box, WTF?
Not surprisingly, there is more to Omega Mart than what you see on the surface. Stop by the refrigerated section and grab an Omega Mart brand soda.
Wait a second! Not everything in Omega Mart is as it seems. Better follow a random stranger into a drink refrigerator.
Inside the cooler is a strange curvy hallway.
Which emerges into a magical world beyond the grocery store. Wild.
There are a ton of hidden passages and rooms in Omega Mart. Why not crawl into this tent in the camping section?
The back of the tent has a small tunnel that then passes up these steep stairs. There are 60 additional art installation rooms hidden behind secret passages and disguised doors.
Ever hide in the t-shirt rack as a kid? If you try that in Omega Mart, you will find a staircase hidden inside. Take the stairs to the top where you will emerge from a filing cabinet into the executive board room.
After finding this hidden rock-climbing tunnel that came out of a secret door, another visitor asked me how we found it. An Omega Mart employee swooped in and stared me down, implying I wasn’t allowed to share the secret location. You’ll need to find it on your own, I’ll never tell.
On top of the wild art installations, strange products and secret passages, you can sign up to become an employee and have to solve a series of challenges.
There is even a slide from the top floor to the bottom. Unfortunately, it was closed during
our visit…. or maybe it wasn’t. I have no idea.
Traditional Summit selfie in a room made up of mirrors.
One last look around this crazy world behind a grocery store. We then escaped through a janitor’s closet, decided 13.99 was too expensive for dehydrated water and went on our way. Omega Mart is my kind of shopping experience!


Chris · March 26, 2023 at 11:40 pm

U have put me off grocery shopping.

Ted · March 27, 2023 at 1:04 am

Beats Costco!

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