Home of IKEA, ABBA and excessive use of capital letters in names.

Arriving in Stockholm will most likely be by train with the journey ending at the main station. Even if like me, you flew into Stockholm, chances are you will take a train into the city. Public transportation by train is the best way to get around in Europe.
Built in 1871, the train station has a grocery store and restaurants downstairs. I’m told it even has a secret room for the Swedish Royal family, should they choose to use the train to get around.
Stockholm is sometimes referred to as the Venice of the North. It is built on 14 islands that are connected by 57 bridges. In addition to trains and cars, there is an excellent network of bike routes and getting around on foot is also really easy.
One of those 14 islands is called Gamla Stan, which is Swedish for old town. Founded in 1252, it is said to be one of the best preserved old towns in Europe.
The old town is mostly closed off to vehicles so you can explore the ancient narrow streets on foot.
This is the oldest surviving building in Stockholm. The Riddarholmen church was built in 1270. It is wild to think how much has changed since then.
The Riddarhuset is a 17th century great hall. A meeting place for nobility.
Stockholm is considered one of, if not the cleanest city in Europe. They claim you can swim and even drink the water that surrounds the 14 islands. This is mostly due to the fact that there is no industrial activity in the city.
Not only is Stockholm a clean city but is also a green city home to many urban parks and green spaces.
What else is Stockholm famous for? How about the Stockholm Syndrome. In 1973, a criminal named Clark Olofsson held up a bank and held hostages for 6 days. Over that period the hostages started taking a liking to Mr. Olofsson, and the Stockholm Syndrome was born.
Stockholm is also the birthplace of the Nobel Prizes which started here in 1901. The Nobel prizes are given out for the following categories:
– Physiology or medicine
– Physics
– Chemistry
– Economics
– Science
– Literature and Peace
The prizes are considered one of the most prestigious prizes one can be awarded in the world.
Sweden is also the birthplace of IKEA, ABBA, Roxette, Ace of Base, The Cardigans, and as the name would suggest, Swedish House Mafia.
Stockholm is also home to tourists, bus loads of tourists. I’m not one of them however… I took a plane.
Those tourists come to see the Riksdagshuest, which is the Swedish Federal government parliament house.
The Riksdagshuest from the other side.
Storkyrkan church, which is famous for having a statue of Saint George fighting a dragon, which I assume is an accurate recreation of the famous dragon fight.
Once the traditional summit selfie makes an appearance it is time to leave Stockholm. We will be jumping on something called a cruiseferry and heading off to the next destination….


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