Quick ascent in a very popular area. You will have plenty of company.

Quick Stats

  • Distance: ~13Km
  • Height Gain: ~940m
  • Round Trip Time:
  • Kane Ratting: Easy
  • Resources: Scrambles in the Canadian Rockies

My friend Sudip from the UK was visiting Canada and asked to go on a hike to the top of a mountain. How could I say no to a request like that!
The trail up St. Piran is very obvious due to its popularity and is easy to follow. The Views even part way up are great. Lake Louise can been seen below.
And on the summit already. Since this was from the days before the traditional summit selfie, this will have to suffice.
Sudip sets up for a shot from the summit. You have to work pretty hard to take a bad photo in this neighborhood.
View from the top. Mount Temple is on the left: https://www.tripbagger.com/2012/07/29/shawn-bags-mt-temple/
Most people will return from the summit back down the ascent trail. However, there is a possible loop by heading down the backside of St. Piran. I can never say no to a loop, so down the backside we go!
The blocky terrain down the backside of St. Piran.
After reaching the col, we hang a skiers left and enter the grass bowl. The grass is very steep but can be easily navigated.
Down in the bottom of the bowl after getting off the steep grass descent.
A look at the way we will head out. Just ahead of us is the very popular beehive hiking trail.
Back down with the hoards of tourists, we take a look at Mount St. Piran and then head back to Calgary.


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