This is Blagaj Tekija, originally built around 1520.
Blagaj Tekija is a Dervish house. Being a Muslim monastery, there are separate areas for men and women.
This seems to happen to B-ri frequently. Who made these doors anyway?
Cool pattern in the ceiling.
Muslim customs also apply, no bare legs, no hair exposed (for women). Fortunately, they provide head scarfs as Sian’s were all at the cleaners.
Outside the Blagaj Tekija are numerous restaurants.
This one has a cool slate stone roof.
Burek is a very typical Bosniak food. They roll meat, potatoes or cheese up in pastry, spiral the rolls into a pizza shape then cook it. We ate this stuff all the time. Very cheap also.
Also being a Muslim area they don’t sell alcohol. You can however drink directly from the from the river. We all did… some without consequence.
The Buna river is fed by the largest spring in Europe.
Pomegranates grow EVERYWHERE, side of the highway, peoples yards, Muslim Devish Houses etc. The owner of the house we stayed at gave us one. It was incredible.
Vineyard we stopped at. Bottle of wine was about $7 CND.


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