I’ve always wanted to ride Delirium dive. But for some reason it has just never worked out…. Until today.

When delirium dive opened it received a bunch of press in outdoor magazines and websites. Its claim to fame was that it was the steepest in-bounds terrain in North America. One Website even has the dramatic headline of it being one of the “10 most dangerous adventure trips in the world”. Honestly, it is not scary or dangerous as long as you take the right precautions and make good choices.
This gate blocks access to the area. If you don’t have an avalanche beacon on you it won’t open. You are also required to have an avalanche probe, shovel, a buddy to dig you out and training on the correct way to rescue somebody in the event of an avalanche. Good safety stuff.
In order to access some of the routes they have installed these handy stairs to climb down.
This is my view from the stairs.
The good folks with snow safety have installed a network of cables and bolted rock anchors. I believe they are for lowering bombs into the correct position for avalanche control as well as retrieving people that get stuck or injured.
Walking along the ridge to drop into one of the chutes.
Some of the chutes get a little narrow in places. This one was tight enough that you could only go straight, no turns.
But first… Let me take a selfie!
Looking back at the slope, if you look closely there is a snowboarder around the center of the photo.
Traditional selfie.
Reilley having survived run #1. You can see our decent route in the background, center of the picture.
Yawn,,,,, just kidding, it was awesome.
I stole this picture from Reilly Forster because it is awesome.

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