Which isn’t in Alabama, or anywhere near it.

The Alabama hills are a collection of interesting rock formations that are accessed via a number of hiking and biking trials.

So first obvious question, where are the Alabama hills and why are they called that, if they are nowhere near Alabama?

These trails are on the Eastern slopes of the Sierra Nevada Mountains in California. The park was named after an American civil warship named the Alabama.

The park is also home to rock-climbing routes, free camping and mountain biking, but watch out for cactus induced flat tires.

This park is also famous because at least 150 films have used the Alabama hills as a backdrop. Roy Rogers first staring film was filmed here along with numerous John Wayne films. How the West Was Won and Bonanza were both filmed here. In the nearby town of Lone Pine, is a museum of western film that will give you a map of the filming locations.

More recent films that used the Alabama hills:
– Disney’s Dinosaur
– Tremors
– Star Trek
– G.I. Jane
– The Shadow
– Maverick
– Iron Man
– Django Unchained
And so on……

The main attraction of the park is the Mobius Arch. Cleverly named after a mobius strip.

The Mobius arch again. That mountain in the middle is Mount Whitney, the highest mountain in the lower 48 states.

Despite a mobius strip only having one side, the mobius arch does indeed, have two sides.

Another look at the giant Mount Whitney. It might be hard to see, but there are two motor-homes near the center of this picture, just to give you an idea of the giant scale of this place. (click to enlarge)

Zoomed in on the motor homes from the previous picture.

Bonus picture. Just outside the Alabama hills is the town of Swansea.

Named after the town of Swansea in Wales. Swansea California was once a booming mining town. After the mine shut down, the town was mostly abandoned. Today, it is just home to one house and this sign…. plus Sian.


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