Spectacular creek hike surrounded by impressive mountains.

Quick Stats

  • Distance: 10.17Km Round Trip
  • Height Gain:711m
  • Round Trip Time: 2h55m
  • Resources: Gillean Daffern’s Kananaskis Trail Guide
Might as well start here, parking. There is no official lot so you just park on the side of the spray lakes highway. Being a gravel road, your car will be covered in dust when you return. Try to remember to roll up your windows.
Almost as soon as you leave the road you are in a very nice pine forest. You can imagine the crisp clean air on a fall morning. Those little pine tree air fresheners don’t do it justice.
This little mossy creek looks like something out of a movie. Unfortunately, every time I come through this area the pictures never do it justice. What is the secret to taking pictures of a mossy creek?
As you climb up the valley you are occasionally given a glimpse of what lies ahead. Mount Lougheed on the left and center (it is that big) and Sparrowhawk on the right. https://www.tripbagger.com/2019/08/18/shawn-bags-mount-lougheed-kananaskis/
Don’t forget to turn around and look behind you as well. The view of spray lakes and Mount Nester are worth taking a moment to enjoy. More on Nestor Here: https://www.tripbagger.com/2020/07/20/shawn-bags-mount-nestor-kananaskis/
Finally, out of the trees and get a good idea of where we are going. Up the valley surrounded by some huge cliffs. In the winter, these cliffs are home to a famous ice climb called Golden Showers, you can google what that means.
Looking back down the valley. The fall is a great time to visit Spencer creek as the leaves start to change and add a splash of color.
As you head up the valley, the impressive cliffs of mount sparrowhawk hide the sun.
Nearing the end of the valley. The turn off to head up Mount Lougheed is just ahead on the left: https://www.tripbagger.com/2019/08/18/shawn-bags-mount-lougheed-kananaskis/
Nice waterfall at the end of the trail. I would imagine in the spring it would be even more impressive.
This picture gives a better idea of the scale of the waterfall.
When you are done soaking in the scenery, head back out the same way. I understand you can make a side trip up Little Lougheed from this valley as well.

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Shawn Bags Mount Lougheed – Kananaskis - Trip Bagger · April 3, 2022 at 4:41 pm

[…] creek. Mount Lougheed is impressive from down here. You can learn more about Spencer creek here: https://www.tripbagger.com/2020/08/29/shawn-bags-spencer-creek-kananaskis/ When you near the end of Spencer creek, you can either hang a left and immediately start the grind […]

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