New trail for 2023 that is a very fun short bike ride.

Quick Stats

The newly built (in 2023) Cloudline trail just outside of Canmore can be accessed from a number of different parking areas and trails in Canmore. I chose to take the three sisters connector to a junction where Cloudline and Highline meet. The area is well signed for the most part. See the above links for more detail and parking locations.
Eventually, you will reach the junction with the new Cloudline trail on the left, and the highline on the right. Cloudline is a very fun bike trail but might be a bit short for some. Why not start on highline or do a loop on highline afterwards (which is what I ended up doing).
Be sure to pay attention when the Cloudline trail turns left away from the three sisters creek trail. I missed this turn, pictured above, and went up the creek a while before realizing my mistake and heading back down.
After a solid climb up from the creek, the trail follows along a bench with a cliff on one side. The trail is designed to be ridden in either direction. I did the Cloudline from North to South as a loop. If I was going to do it again, I’d probably go North to South, then turn around and return doing the trail in the other direction to experience the downhill on both sides of the bench.
Since the trail follows a cliff edge, there are numerous place to catch a view of Canmore with strategically placed benches.
There are also a number of new bridges built for creek crossings and in this case, over tricky terrain.
The view from one of the benches that looks down the Bow Valley.
Time for a sweaty traditional summit selfie, then a fast descent down!
There are a few berms and jumps on the way down making for a very fun bike ride descent!
Big berm built with rocks.
And another fun corner.
When you reach the bottom, you can use the Guy LeFleur trail to return to the beginning and make a loop. But I would think climbing back up and riding the trail in the other direction would be more fun and is what I will do next time.
Not far from the trail is a nice little pond you can dip your feet in and enjoy a well deserved refreshment. Or maybe even a second lap, this new trail is that much fun after all.

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Teditor · August 10, 2023 at 8:33 pm

Looks like a fun bike trail!

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