Normally, Nihahi would be a pretty easy outing. However, since the road in was closed, this was a 33km day with 1200m elevation to gain.
Since the road is closed, the wild horses like to hang out in the open.
After riding my bike, trusty rusty, for 16km the peak of Nihahi ridge comes into view.
Riding a bike on the Nihahi ridge trail isn’t permitted, so of course, I didn’t ride mine as far as this point. And since nobody else was around, you’ll just have to trust me.
Final ridge looking toward the summit.
In the center of the photo is Banded Peak, home of the infamous Banded Peak Challenge. To the right, is Mount Glasgow.
Traditional Summit Selfie.
On the left is Mt. Glasgow. On the right are Mount Remus & Romulus.
Still a bit of snow on the trail on the way back out.
More wild horses.
At the end of a long day, still have to climb this hill to get back to the car.


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