The railroad from Rosebud to Drumheller was built around 1910.
The railroad was last used in 2008. The line was decommissioned and the rails removed.
Rick suggests we try riding our bikes down the old rail road right of way. Sure, why not?
The journey would be 40km long on exhausting loose gravel with oppressive heat for added fun. But if you make it to the end, there is ice cream and a giant fiberglass dinosaur.
There are 32 old bridges to cross. Almost no guard rails and big gaps between the railroad ties. Some of the wood wasn’t in the best condition making for some spicy crossings.
At the hottest part of the day, I measured 38 degrees C.
Whoever picked this route was clearly paid by the number of bridges they would need to build.
Traditional (Summit) Selfie!
Yup, there’s your problem, sugar in the gas tank.
No time to fix cars now. Onward!
B-ri had recently explained to me what all the different layers were from (he read it from a sign in the museum). I can’t remember what he told me however.
Only 30km to go, good stuff!


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